Give Mum the Boot.

Seriously Fit Bootcamps

Seriously Fit Bootcamps

Calves burning, sweat dripping off your nose.
You look over at your mother.
Cringing, she gives you a look of empathetic encouragement.
You give one back.
No, this isn’t spring cleaning. This is boot camp.

Everything has a day for mothers:
Bring mum to school day;
I-can’t-come-out-Friday-night-because-I’m-taking-mum-to-watch-Twilight Day;
Meet your future mother-in-law day;
And, well, Mothers Day.
Working-out shouldn’t be any different.

Ladies, it’s time to make mum your latest work-out accessory.
Wear her on your boxing-gloved arm like a Dolce watch.
Sure, you could take a friend to the gym; but let’s face it, girlfriends are unreliable.
They’re probably too hot to exercise (because you only surround yourself in attractive people). They’re all lazy, unfit, and really only tagging along to check out the male talent.
But mum, well, she is a trooper.
Your mother has given birth, worked, been carer and queen to a home; she is no stranger to hard-work.
So why shouldn’t she deserve to look and feel great?

According to Seriously Fit Bootcamps founder, Jason Dana, the best way to do this is outdoors, bootcamp style!

 “Training outdoors adds another element to exercise. There is no wait to use the machines, no sweat mixing, plenty of fresh air and a variety of exercises you can only do outdoors.”

 Jason is certain that this is especially effective for mothers and daughters,

 “The programs are designed to accommodate to people of all ages, genders and fitness levels, as there are progressions and regressions of all exercises,”

 “We make it as challenging as possible for everyone so that each individual gets a serious work-out.”

 As the Seriously Fit client base is predominantly female, Jason ensures that training regimes suit the needs of women,

 “With us, women don’t have to worry about the intimidation they might find in a gym,”

 “Instead, they can focus on targeting all the problem areas that are known to females, like triceps, glutes and core,”

 “This is achieved through a range of activities including boxing, core strength and conditioning, weight loss, endurance and circuit training, all with the help of two attentive trainers.”

 Jason is a great ambassador for mother-daughter work-outs, encouraging that it’s great for bonding,

 “I love it! We currently have a mother-daughter team doing bootcamp and it’s so much fun when they’re around,”

 “It’s good to train with a partner like mum, as it motivates you to keep up intensity and attendance,” he said.

So ladies, if you like a work-out, and love your mother even more – then buy her some tights and take her for a spin.

Your mother is the latest work-out accessory, and boot camp, the place-to-be.

Seriously Fit Bootcamps

Seriously Fit Bootcamps

Seriously Fit Bootcamps runs 6 sessions a week, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings at Burwood Park, Sydney.
For more information, contact Jason on 0447 737 858, or Anthony on 0432 439 880,
or like them at

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Knuckle Sandwich.

Lonsdale Real Fighters: Lauryn Eagle

Lonsdale Real Fighters: Lauryn Eagle

Move over Danny Green wannabes, there’s a new breed of brawn in town. And they’re wearing crop-tops.

History never lies, and today it’s suggesting that women carry the toughest of skins. Consider Joan of Arc, Amelia Earhart and Catherine the Great – revolutionary women who truly exemplify that a lady can “take it like a man”.

Since winning the battle for suffrage, Australian women have never stopped fighting. Now they’re educating, working, leading and reproducing.
It’s no longer about the sandwiches.
So when a schedule is so tight, how do they stay strong and sexy? They fight!

The popularity of female boxing is ever-increasing – both professionally and as a form of exercise – and we’ve got the champs to prove it. Take Lauryn Eagle for example; WBF World Champ and down-right babe.
According to an interview conducted by Lonsdale London, boxing has taught Eagle to master the art of regimen.

It takes a lot of self-discipline and hard work,” she said.

I have to be very strict on myself and keep to a schedule. My main goal is to set a great example for all young people to show them that dedication is essential to succeed.”

So what is it that makes Eagle so successful? Like most women, she’s a Real Fighter.

Real Fighters is about overcoming all the adversities to achieve all your goals. I am so proud to represent Lonsdale and what it stands for.”

If getting hit in the face, and bursting at the ring of a bell, for round-to-round adrenaline, isn’t your cup of tea, then do not fret.
Personal Trainer, Jason Dana, says the popularity of fitness boxing among female clients is on the rise.

“The majority of my female clients, regardless of their age, fitness levels or body type, love boxing as part of their fitness regime. It’s highly popular and most request it,”

Not only does it add variety to the routine, but it carries physical benefits of weight loss and toning, agility, coordination, endurance and increasing aerobic fitness levels. The high repetition of the exercise ensures the female client tones rather than bulks,” the Sydney trainer said.

It all makes sense.
Pilates is sublime for strengthening those core muscles, but the bore factor in maximum.
Sure, the treadmill is pleasant, but it quickly becomes a repetitive chore worth avoiding.
That’s why boxing is killing it (for need of a better phrase). Hit the gym after a long day’s work and a fight with the boyfriend, only to channel that long bottled frustration into a man holding some pads. An upper-cut here and a duck there, and you’ve earned yourself a whole-body workout. What more could you want?

So whether you’re fighting for self-defence, fitness or anger management; tie your hair and raise those boxing gloves, ladies! We’re marching to a new beat.

Knuckle sandwich, anyone?



[For some serious fitness, contact Jason Dana at]

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Living Life on the Edge.

The Simpsons - Red Blazer Realty

The Simpsons – Red Blazer Realty

“Get married”, they say. “Have a family”, they say.
Suuuuure. That’s ideal, if you can afford a home to store them.

It’s the year 2012, and we’re living in Australia’s most expensive city.
Houses no longer matter. It’s all about the land, location and demand.

Close to the city? Jack that price up!
Easy public transport? Up a little more!
Schools close by? Keep it going!

Whilst this has great results for home owners and investors, it’s proving difficult for first-home buyers.
Don’t be ashamed fellow Gen Y-ers, this is no secret.
We all get a little nervous at the site of a real estate brochure.

According to data released by the Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia and Bankwest, 52.8 per cent (from 39.9 per cent) of surveyed Gen-Y respondents are worried about debt associated with buying a home. Worryingly, one in three feel they will forever be unable to buy into the property market.

Still, there is need to be fair; Sydney is a beautiful city, with fortunate conditions. In fact, as of October, New South Wales’ O’Farrell government will be generously offering First home buyers assistance grants of $15 000. That’ll definitely come in handy when the houses in your street are selling for one mill.

If we’d known, we would have started saving from age one, invested by birthday number six, and chilling at 20.
But we didn’t.
Instead, we spent our time watching Angry Beavers, playing Pokemon and thinking L.J. Hooker was the best.
Now, we’re naively sitting in the family home, innocently sipping tea in our rooms, happily watching Game of Thrones, avoiding every effort from our parents at pleasant conversation.

Is that the problem? Has our generation developed a contentment with isolation from responsibility, feeling more at home in our online hubs, than our living rooms? Maybe our highly internet-immersed facebook generation has lost the strength to commit to a land of savings, investments and adulthood. If so, the battle has been lost.
Now contemplate what the future holds for your children, and hope that it includes this blog.

It’s the year 2012, and we’re living in Australia’s most expensive city.
From one struggling Gen Y student to another – Consider your options:
a. Win the lotto.
b. Marry up.
c. Stay at home.
d. Should you become truly desperate, stop flushing your money and start saving. Invest small, think early, and get planning.

 I know you love the adrenaline of living life on the edge, but let’s face it;
Mum can’t clean your room forever.

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Living Lactose Intolerant.

Soy Milk, mixed berry and banana shake

Soy Milk, mixed berry and banana shake

Human thrusts milkshake towards me.
Politely, “I’m lactose intolerant”.
Thick silence fills the air, jaws glued to the floor like a gamer’s bottom.
Finally, a valuable moment of relief… “That’s sh**!”
Sigh. Then follow the questions…

Stepping into my grandmother’s home, she proudly exclaims, “I made Labneh, go have some!”
Me: “I can’t Taita, I can’t eat dairy.”
In absolute horror, “You can’t eat dairy?! What is this disease?! Why were you dealt such unjustice?!”

Dessert arrives at the table, selections are assessed: waffles with cookie and cream ice cream, Lindt chocolate lava cake with a dollop of cream, and a lonely dried-up little apple crumble. At least the friends find the juxtaposition of pleasurable calories amusing.

Like many humans (particularly Mediterraneans, Africans and Asians), I am sensitive to dairy and dairy products. The running theme? No one gets it, and many don’t understand how to live with it.
As a foodie, of Lebanese decent, I was raised to eat anything and everything, and in no way, be selective or difficult. However, my intolerance to lactose walks a thin line, as I struggle to satisfy the crucialities of a quality Lebanese grandchild: education, marriage and the ability to eat. I love food, but that free-for-all attitude of intense digestion unrivaled of discontent, and God-forbid, unease, before during and after a yoghurt saturated piece of bread, absolutely throws me. I lose in that arena.

Put simply, lactose intolerance suggests an inability to digest the sugar found in milk, without discomfort or symptoms. Just as simply, it’s not a difficult lifestyle to live. Society is accepting the greater prevalence of food intolerances that were once unheard of, by profiting off conventional new products. Im talking lactose free milk, soy milk, almond milk, rice milk (milk from anything you can milk that isn’t actually milk), soy cheese, lactose free and soy ice creams and yoghurts, sorbet, lactose free chocolate… you get the picture.

Now let’s be honest with ourselves. Your friends will laugh, your mother will cry and baristas will snarl. But lactose intolerance is a great method of staying away from naughty foods, and pretending to live like a true dieter; ice cream, cheese cake and pizza free. So wave your skinny arm in the air and proclaim to the world that YOU ARE LACTOSE INTOLERANT! (Deep breaths) It’s really not so bad.

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Uncrazy Cat Lady.

The Simpsons' Crazy Cat Lady

The Simpsons’ Crazy Cat Lady

There is a commonly attached negative connotation to the appreciation and ownership of cats. It seems a woman can no longer do so, without the accusation of insanity; and so formed the scientific term, crazy cat lady. This suggests that a single, cat-owning woman, lives in a home of cat figurines, consumed in her felines, totally incapable of loving none other than her abundance of cats. The misconception may even extend to the throwing of cats, pulled from one’s own hair (thanking The Simpsons).

This development of ideas may be attributed to two concepts: society’s refusal to recognise the feline’s worthiness of appreciation, as well as the natural consequence of a woman’s urge to own, nurture and take pride in a loved one.
But what about the boys? Sure, dogs are joyfully labelled the man’s best friend, but don’t let that mislead you; scruffy single blokes aren’t inept to loving a cat. Take Abraham Lincoln for example: widely respected American President and lover of felines, who shared the White House with four cats. Yet, men remain exempt from the vicious label of feline loving insanity.

I refuse, however, to be yet another warrior caught in the cross-fire of the Cat vs Dog war; the longest lasting battle known to man. I simply want to rid many Sydney women of crazy cat lady status.

Here is an idea that I first drafted a number of weeks ago; cat appreciation as informed by history. I proceeded to envelope my text with historical facts, Ancient Egyptian values and mores, dates, names (long names), super heroes and places. Then I stopped.
None of you care.
So here you have it, refined, reduced, and simply straight forward.
The lessons to be learned from cats, as justifications for the respectability of a kitty.

  • Cats have an affection threshold, which eventually times out, and leaves you wounded.
    Lesson: Never let another person invade your personal space. If you feel uncomfortable with their affection levels, let them know, or pull out the self-defence.
  • Your cat can sense when you are unwell or unhappy, and will try to extend its affection to comfort you.
    Lesson: If you can sense that a friend is not their best, show some consideration. If they don’t want to talk about it, simply be there for them.
  • Cats value cleanliness. They lick themselves regularly throughout the day and thoroughly before sleep, as well as tidy up behind themselves after bathroom time.
    Lesson: Hygiene is integral to maintaining one’s confidence. I don’t suggest you lick yourself (no judgment if you do), but simply that you keep your space clean, and if blessed with a shower, use it every day.
  • Adult cats don’t usually meow beyond kitten life, signalling to their mother. However, on association with talking humans, have adopted this trait of communication.
    Lesson: Be open-minded about new languages and methods of communication. You will progress as a result, and possibly even get fed on a regular basis.
  • Cats try to scare off rivals using noises, scents and body language, before resorting to physical violence.
    Lesson: Michael Jackson said it once, your cat said it again; beat it! Violence is not always the answer, and virtue may be achieved through discussion.
  • Sometimes your pet cat will leave hunted animals on your door step as a good will gift.
    Lesson: It doesn’t hurt to thank your friends and family once in a while. Your besty might not want a dead lizard for her birthday, but it’s the thought that counts. Right?
  • Cats are territorial and don’t allow trespassing felines onto their property.
    Lesson: Having ownership is a right, so protect your property from delinquents and disrespect. Hands off the Gucci!
  • Domesticated felines are confident creatures, who walk happily with their tails in the air.
    Lesson: Keep your head high, and walk with pride. Life’s not that bad. It could be worse, you could be a dog-lover.
  • Cats eat grass.
    Lesson: Eat your vegetables, so that you grow big, strong and furry.
  • A cat can jump seven times greater than its height.
    Lesson: Don’t be afraid to aim further than you think you can throw; you could be seven times greater than you know.
  • Treatment of a kitten will affect the development of its personality as an older cat.
    Lesson: Our treatment of one another can greatly affect one’s future self, so consider this when dealing with others.
  • In the original Italian Cinderella, the fairy godmother was a cat.
    Lesson: If you’re single, your feline friend has exploitation-worthy magical powers to hook you up with a dashing young prince (yet I’m still single..).
  • They’re fluffy.
    Lesson: pending.
  • Let’s face it, kitties are adorable.

To many, cats are arrogant, cunning, bad luck fur balls who do nothing for society beyond the task of pest control and sometimes dinner…
But it’s undeniably simplified and crystalized; the short list of lessons to justify the respect many women have for felines.
This isn’t about proving that cats are better than dogs. This is about eradicating the label of crazy cat lady.
Owning a cat or two (or 27) does not make you crazy.
It makes you an intelligent woman with a readiness to learn more.

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Runners, Ragers and Roid Munchers.

Hercules, Louis Cyr and Vin Diesel. What do these three males have in common? They-they-they, they work oooout.
Men have forever been idealised as the fitter, more masculine members of civilisations. They were the labourer, the warrior, the hunter, protector and provider.
However, it seems today’s men are trading the goal of honour derived from polished pectorals and contoured calves for a desire to impress, to perve, and to update Facebook.
Similarly, Sydney’s contemporary young ladies aren’t free from speculation. They too fall victim to the construction of an image over image construction.

Construction of an image over image construction.
Definition: When the desire to create a persona for the purpose of presentation to the wider community far surpasses the desire to develop healthy internal and external physical traits.
Intermission End.

Gyms were once concentrated in ownership, and scarce to find. Members were largely limited to adults, training to stay fit and healthy, or lose weight. Some would even exercise in their garage, in front of the television before Cheese TV, or outside. Can you believe it? There was a time when exercise was actually about exercise. Preposterous!
Today, the ideals of old-school gym-junkies are being lost to an army in adoption of new-age methods. Methods of laziness and advertising. There is nothing a genuine fitness fanatic finds more irritating during a work out, than the man screaming at the bench-press, the chap scoping for chicks, or the young lassy treadmill strutting with her make up on.
Equally as pesky are the constant check-ins at gyms, photos of pecs and unnecessarily skimpy gym gear.

Regardless, there is a fitness kick blanketing the city of Sydney:

  • Weekend newspapers imposing “flat tummy today” over a fit-model’s abdominals are not uncommon.

  • Most suburbs have a gym for every need: affordability, 24-hours, non-affordability, women only, the elderly, and so on…

  • Gym gear is transforming into chic, designer attire.

  • Business for charcoal chicken shops is thriving off male body builders.

  • Facebook groups are drowning news feeds with photographs of fit-models.

  • At least one supplement store may be found in every central business district.

  • One fourth of your friends have or are studying personal training.

  • Young men are waxing and fake tanning their chiseled pecs.

This is fantastic! It’s about time we all got off the couch and into shape.
But what if it’s for the wrong reasons?
Unfortunately, there is transparency in changed intentions. We don’t care about preventing cholesterol or heart disease, strengthening postures or helping mum carry the couch when she’s vacuuming. What we care about is looking good topless at music festivals, letting society know we work out, and flexing at the most inappropriate times.

Is this wrong? Are we creating a generation of self-absorbed, egotistic, yet deeply insecure human beings with shallow ideals and blurred futures, who will spiral Sydney into a colony of lonely fake tanners who will fail to love anyone more than their own reflections?
I don’t know. Should we continue to run blindly, squat sleazily and bell-dumbly, I have a feeling we’ll find out.

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The Life and Times of a Real Life Time Traveller

Andrew outside the Roman Colosseum

Andrew outside the Roman Colosseum

Andrew Merheb. Your average university student, with a perfectly radiant smile, iPhone and inherent love for the YSS blog.
So what is it that sets this young man apart from other testosteron-ians his age?
He’s a real life time traveller.
Merheb has travelled to more countries than you can count on your hands, soaked up more cultures than can be spotted in Parramatta, and built an immunity against the wrath of jet lag.
He even spent the remaining hours before his final exam booking flights to his next destination.

Like most students, I carry a desire to witness the world. For now, I’ve chosen the next best thing, and slightly more affordable option… A chat with Andrew Merheb.

Which countries have you visited?
“So far I’ve visited Thailand, Singapore, Lebanon, Spain, France, Italy, Czech, Poland, Hungary, England, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Mexico, the USA, Canada, Austria, and the United Arab Emirates”.

Nineteen destinations? That’s almost one country for each year you’ve lived!
Laughing shyly, “Yeah, except I did it in a much shorter period of time. If you want to travel, you’ve got to just do it”.

Which was your favourite, and why?
My favourite would have to be Spain. I Love the culture, the language, food, people and climate. I even love the Lifestyle, it’s about minimal work and being very social”.

If you could pick a city to live in, which would it be?
Definitely Madrid, Spain,” he smiles.

Country with the most beautiful women?

“There are a few. Once again, Spain, love their tans! Then there’s also Lebanon, Italy, anywhere Southern European or Mediterranean, really”.

More importantly, how about the men?
Laughing, “I don’t know, I wasn’t really paying attention to them!”

City with the best shopping?
“So far, Los Angeles. They’ve got awesome outlet malls that are so cheap! But apparently New York City is the best. I’ll let you know in a months time”.

Country with the richest history?
“I couldn’t pick just one. Firstly, Italy and the Romans, and Mexico’s Aztecs & Mayan tribes. There’s also France. But for me, Lebanon’s history of Phoenicians would probably be the richest”.

Language with the most sex appeal?
“Hands down, the Spanish language”.

Nation with the tastiest food?
“Okay that’s a tough one. I love my Mediterranean food! I’m talking French, Spanish, Italian and Lebanese food”.

Country with the craziest sports fans?
Spain and Italy. When you’re there, it feels like Football/Soccer is their life”.

City with the rowdiest parties?
Laughing, he says, “Once again, Spain! I’m sorry! It seems like every second answer is Spain. Any excuse for a fiesta I guess!”

Coastline with the best beaches?
“Mexico and Spain. Of course, that’s not including Australia, we’ve still got the best coastline and beaches,” looking proud.

Region with the greatest climate?
“The Mediterranean countries have great weather! Spain, Lebanon and Italy are great. Mexico is also one of the best for weather, it’s nice and warm all year round”.

The nation exerting the most natural beauty?

“Mexico and Canada were absolutely beautiful, worth a look if you love nature”.

The city most beautifully constructed?
“Definitely Dubai, you’ll find that it has amazing modern infrastructure. Dubai’s perfect in every way, it’s just really hot! We were enduring 45 degree days when I was there.”

Most affordable location?
“I found that Thailand and Mexico were the most affordable. The Australian dollar goes a long way in those areas. But in general, everywhere in the world is more affordable than Australia”.

Anything else you feel we should know?
“Each and every country has something unique to offer. Each of my experiences were different, and were definitely impacted by who I was with, the weather at the time and some other factors. Sometimes its hard to say which is your favourite country. Still, overall, I learnt something valuable from every country, through good and bad times. I got to experience things that would have never been accomplished had I stayed in Sydney. Everyone deserves to travel. It’s a real wealth of knowledge”.

Where are you planning to travel to in the near future?
Looking bright-eyed, “In one week from today I’ll be headed to the USA. I’ll be starting in Vegas, then heading to Miami and New York City. From America I’ll be jet setting to Jordan, followed by Israel, Lebanon and then Backpacking in Asia!” But further down the track, South America and more of southern Europe are on the to do list. I just need more money and time, and to improve my Spanish for South America.”

You may currently be feeling hugely inspired, or slightly jealous. Regardless, use those emotions as motivators for an unforgettable trip only hours away!
Travelling is one of the few things that will make you richer with money spent.
Travel Safe!

Canada's natural beauty - courtesy of Andrew

Canada’s natural beauty – courtesy of Andrew

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Our Train or the Highway.

The spirit of a train ride: we are all united in our different journeys.
It is therefore only fair that we respect those sharing the space, to make the trip as pleasant as possible for all.
This has, however, proven difficult.
Whilst countless social analysts and everyday whingers have attempted to communicate the importance of public transport etiquette, the message is forever being lost.

Stepping onto a train on my way to university, I took it upon myself to refresh memories.

  1. When the train doors slide, it is not the doors opening at a boxing day sale. Slow down and enter in a civilized, orderly fashion.
  2. Your Western line is not in need of redecoration, so keep the arts and crafts for your 3-year-old cousin.
  3. You may not have slept, but no one wants to feel like they’re at Trademark at 8am. Use headphones.
  4. If you have headphones in, and people are giving you a look, it’s not because you look smashing. Turn the volume down, you’ll give yourself a brain hemorrhage.
  5. Some of us have to eat. That’s fine. Just try not to make the carriage smell like the inside of an apartment building.
  6. If seats are scarce, move your bag. Bags are not people, they don’t have feelings, nor do they work all day.
  7. Let’s stop sneezing on one another. Please.
  8. Your best friend has gossip, we understand. Feel free to talk on the phone.. At a reasonable volume. No one else cares what, like, omg, Dani did.
  9. There is nothing comfortable about being in the presence of a parent screaming at their child. Consider your kid’s self-esteem in that environment.
  10. Can the real school children please stand up! No, seriously. Stand up, and let the pregnant and older members of society sit down.
  11. Let’s not clip nails. The train is not a bathroom. How would you like it if I waxed my legs?

I must be fair, the general population is fairly understanding of train etiquette; so, thank you. As for those unaware of the standards, they may simply be ignorant of them, or practising blatant disregard. If you should know a member of this exclusive club, please do forward them this post. You’ll be doing the rest of us a great service!

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Seeing Sounds.

His name is Alan.
There is something I find so very enchanting about him in this photograph.
I discovered it during a session of faceless browsing one day, yet found myself going back to it a number of times.

Tonight, 1:18am, studying for a law exam, I decided to do this photograph, the humble model, and the original blogger justice; by ‘reblogging’.
Allow this man’s music to take you on a journey of raw wisdom and innocent modesty.

I hope that Alan visits Sydney sometime, accompanied by that glorious instrument.
I’d pay to see him play.

Urban Observed Street Photography


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The Paradoxical Reality of Being Lara Bingle

Apparently Australia thought it would be hilarious to face YSS (Young, Savvy and Sydney) with its very own Kim Kardashian.
Who better to fill that position than Lara Bingle?

  • Famous for no reason? Check.
  • Reported on for lesser reasons? Check.
  • Impressionable and daft? Check and check.

The unforgivable series, which is set to begin airing on channel Ten on June 7, will explore the private and professional life of Bingle. Such a business venture is the true reflection of a television network desperate for ratings (according to OzTAM, Ten currently holds 12.6% of tv share across all 5 cities, behind Seven, at 17.5% and Nine at 17.9%.)
I find nothing more ironic than a “reality” TV show called Being Lara Bingle, based on a female who has been poked and prodded into a media tabloid toy, built on the success of conveniently recurring “leaked” nude images and a failed engagement to cricketer Michael Clarke. It all sounds too familiar.
As excited as I am to watch a girl sit at bars, talk about clothes and walk her dog, to catchy music and mediated scripts, I’d much rather do it myself…. the real way.

Respect to channel Ten’s jumping on the Bingle bandwagon, out of a justifiable desire to mimic the success founded by quality, moral-enticing, educational television programs such as Keeping Up with the Kardashians and Jersey Shore. For this reason, I’ll entertain the idea of sitting through one episode, only to form a well-rounded critique of Being Lara Bingle. As for the rest of you, don’t follow my lead, we wouldn’t want Channel Ten to get the wrong idea.

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