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Circular Quay – the most refreshing train station in the city. The perfect therapy after a day’s work.

Don’t believe me? Ask the other 65 people who captured the same photograph.

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Night Noodle Markets



Sydney’s Night Noodle Markets 2013 are held at Hyde Park North from October 9 – 26 (excluding Sundays). This is your last week to enjoy the lively summer ambience of this Oriental event.

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New Years You

The 21 milestone has been reached, for you and so many of your friends.
Christmas has sparkled and dimmed once more.
2012 is now a memory, and the new year has begun.
What’s changed? Nothing.
Let’s face it; we blissfully believe that the exordium of a year represents a clean slate and a new start.
We say the problems of last year will be left in the past, and the 365 days ahead will be the best ever.
While it’s nice to be optimistic, the truth cannot be escaped.
Believing that a new year means a new start is nothing but wide-eyed naivety.
You haven’t outgrown your past love-life because you turned 21.
You won’t have deals settled because it’s Christmas day.
Last year’s issues haven’t evaporated because the Harbour Bridge exploded in fireworks.
Everything remains the same. The only thing you can change is your attitude.

Take it from me; a young woman whose year consisted of better and worse, but nonetheless new perspectives on work, education, friendships, family, love and health.
Here it is, some words of guidance.
Attitude reform 101, for the New Years You.

You didn’t reach your school or university goals last year, and now you’re left with a not-so-boast-worthy GPA or ATAR.
The truth is, this topic will be raised for months, maybe even years. So what do you do?
You smile and read Sun Tzu’s ‘The Art of War’.
Then you decide if you want employment, travel or education, and you work your butt off for the next 12 months.

You fell in love, but it just wasn’t enough to make things stick. Now you’re being followed by the repulsive feeling of your broken heart.
Truth is, your string of independence quotes seconding as Facebook statuses won’t convince your wounds to heal, only time will do that.
The initial step: accept that you were hurt. Then channel your energy into new and exciting things: a full social calender, work prospects, a new TV series box set.
At the end of that cocktail, the endless convincing and aimless rebounds lack the substance time has to heal a broken heart.

You hate your job and your boss is cutting your shifts, so the little money you make isn’t even worth it.
It might have worked for Aloe Blacc, but singing ‘I need a dolla’ won’t help.
It’s time to quit complaining and find a new job.
It’s not difficult. Edit your resume and have it checked by a trusted friend or teacher. Start applying in your field of study, or open your mind to trying new things by applying in places you never thought you would. Though, be prepared for many applications and very few responses.

A family member or friend passed away, and you want to leave the memory in the past.
Truth is, death plays a huge part in all of our lives, so we can never really escape it. Try to turn your mourning into a positive energy, to honour those lost, to support those you love, and to embrace the life you live.

You are questioning some relationships as final nerves are had, trust is destroyed, and they begin to drift.
Truth is, ignoring the facts and hoping your friendships return to normality in the new year will only increase disappointment. You need to assess each troubled relationship and the cause of it, and decide whether it’s worth mending. Although it hurts, give them, and yourself, a reality check, and if nothing improves, it’s time to jet.

You or a loved one is sick and lacks the positive livelihood once boasted.
We mustn’t let health consume who we are and deter us from living our lives. Try to relight the spark in your life or that of a loved one by sharing in the small adventures that can make us smile. A trip to the beach, a friendly gathering to watch the sun rise, a day of Playstation and pizza. No one should feel different because they’re unwell, nor should the people around them.
The one thing we all have in common is that we’re still living.

No matter what your concern, the message here is simple.
It’s 2013, and the transition of a few festive days into this new year did not eradicate the reality that we are left with the same problems, same feelings and same obstacles as 2012.
But that doesn’t mean that the good should be forgotten.
The answer to improving your situation is adjusting your attitude to achieve the desired results.
Reflect on your previous years, learn from the bad, savour the great moments, then apply that education to your days ahead.
A Happy New Year, comes from a Happy New Year You.

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Give Mum the Boot.

Seriously Fit Bootcamps

Seriously Fit Bootcamps

Calves burning, sweat dripping off your nose.
You look over at your mother.
Cringing, she gives you a look of empathetic encouragement.
You give one back.
No, this isn’t spring cleaning. This is boot camp.

Everything has a day for mothers:
Bring mum to school day;
I-can’t-come-out-Friday-night-because-I’m-taking-mum-to-watch-Twilight Day;
Meet your future mother-in-law day;
And, well, Mothers Day.
Working-out shouldn’t be any different.

Ladies, it’s time to make mum your latest work-out accessory.
Wear her on your boxing-gloved arm like a Dolce watch.
Sure, you could take a friend to the gym; but let’s face it, girlfriends are unreliable.
They’re probably too hot to exercise (because you only surround yourself in attractive people). They’re all lazy, unfit, and really only tagging along to check out the male talent.
But mum, well, she is a trooper.
Your mother has given birth, worked, been carer and queen to a home; she is no stranger to hard-work.
So why shouldn’t she deserve to look and feel great?

According to Seriously Fit Bootcamps founder, Jason Dana, the best way to do this is outdoors, bootcamp style!

 “Training outdoors adds another element to exercise. There is no wait to use the machines, no sweat mixing, plenty of fresh air and a variety of exercises you can only do outdoors.”

 Jason is certain that this is especially effective for mothers and daughters,

 “The programs are designed to accommodate to people of all ages, genders and fitness levels, as there are progressions and regressions of all exercises,”

 “We make it as challenging as possible for everyone so that each individual gets a serious work-out.”

 As the Seriously Fit client base is predominantly female, Jason ensures that training regimes suit the needs of women,

 “With us, women don’t have to worry about the intimidation they might find in a gym,”

 “Instead, they can focus on targeting all the problem areas that are known to females, like triceps, glutes and core,”

 “This is achieved through a range of activities including boxing, core strength and conditioning, weight loss, endurance and circuit training, all with the help of two attentive trainers.”

 Jason is a great ambassador for mother-daughter work-outs, encouraging that it’s great for bonding,

 “I love it! We currently have a mother-daughter team doing bootcamp and it’s so much fun when they’re around,”

 “It’s good to train with a partner like mum, as it motivates you to keep up intensity and attendance,” he said.

So ladies, if you like a work-out, and love your mother even more – then buy her some tights and take her for a spin.

Your mother is the latest work-out accessory, and boot camp, the place-to-be.

Seriously Fit Bootcamps

Seriously Fit Bootcamps

Seriously Fit Bootcamps runs 6 sessions a week, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings at Burwood Park, Sydney.
For more information, contact Jason on 0447 737 858, or Anthony on 0432 439 880,
or like them at http://www.facebook.com/SeriouslyFitBootcamps

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Living Life on the Edge.

The Simpsons - Red Blazer Realty

The Simpsons – Red Blazer Realty

“Get married”, they say. “Have a family”, they say.
Suuuuure. That’s ideal, if you can afford a home to store them.

It’s the year 2012, and we’re living in Australia’s most expensive city.
Houses no longer matter. It’s all about the land, location and demand.

Close to the city? Jack that price up!
Easy public transport? Up a little more!
Schools close by? Keep it going!

Whilst this has great results for home owners and investors, it’s proving difficult for first-home buyers.
Don’t be ashamed fellow Gen Y-ers, this is no secret.
We all get a little nervous at the site of a real estate brochure.

According to data released by the Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia and Bankwest, 52.8 per cent (from 39.9 per cent) of surveyed Gen-Y respondents are worried about debt associated with buying a home. Worryingly, one in three feel they will forever be unable to buy into the property market.

Still, there is need to be fair; Sydney is a beautiful city, with fortunate conditions. In fact, as of October, New South Wales’ O’Farrell government will be generously offering First home buyers assistance grants of $15 000. That’ll definitely come in handy when the houses in your street are selling for one mill.

If we’d known, we would have started saving from age one, invested by birthday number six, and chilling at 20.
But we didn’t.
Instead, we spent our time watching Angry Beavers, playing Pokemon and thinking L.J. Hooker was the best.
Now, we’re naively sitting in the family home, innocently sipping tea in our rooms, happily watching Game of Thrones, avoiding every effort from our parents at pleasant conversation.

Is that the problem? Has our generation developed a contentment with isolation from responsibility, feeling more at home in our online hubs, than our living rooms? Maybe our highly internet-immersed facebook generation has lost the strength to commit to a land of savings, investments and adulthood. If so, the battle has been lost.
Now contemplate what the future holds for your children, and hope that it includes this blog.

It’s the year 2012, and we’re living in Australia’s most expensive city.
From one struggling Gen Y student to another – Consider your options:
a. Win the lotto.
b. Marry up.
c. Stay at home.
d. Should you become truly desperate, stop flushing your money and start saving. Invest small, think early, and get planning.

 I know you love the adrenaline of living life on the edge, but let’s face it;
Mum can’t clean your room forever.

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Best Foot Forward at the Races.

The Races. Aussies love them: the energy, beer, wine, clothes, sharp stallions and legs as far as the eye can see. Oh, and the horses are great too.

We, as Sydney-siders, are blessed with easy access to the horse-racing culture. The Australian Turf Club (ATC) – i.e. Royal Randwick, Rosehill Gardens, Warwick Farm and Canterbury Park – offers an abundance of racing events, including the Autumn and Spring Racing Carnivals, which grace the weekends of the mentioned seasons’ months. However, with attendance comes responsibility.

My fellow LADIES, After spending a day at this year’s Doncaster Cup, I discovered a tragic trend:


Heelless Jeffrey Campbells at the 2012 Doncaster Cup, similar to Victoria Beckham’s Antonio Berardi look in 2008.

Some shoes are complimented by rain, while others simply were not produced to handle such climates. So, after the absence of a summer and absolute weather confusion, you’d think that Sydney ladies have invested in stealthy, weather appropriate foot attire. Well, apparently not.

From Acne’s needle stilettos, to heel-less Antonio Berardi’s; women simply are not considering the sinking abilities of a female on a mud-ridden racecourse. Insert floor length maxi dress, and you’re set for a day of tangles and torture.

Now, I’m not saying team your Maticevski cocktail dress with a pair of gum boots. I’m simply appealing to the ladies of Sydney to be practical and intelligent. In doing so, class will radiate from you as you gracefully glide across the venue, inappropriately dressed limping besty by your side.

Here are a few tips on how to prepare your feet for the races:

Tip One: When muddy, the greater the space your shoe covers, the lesser the likelihood of sinking. Think wedges, avoid pin-thin stilettos.

Tip Two: Wear the shoes, don’t let the shoes wear you. Comfort and confidence are your greatest accessories.

Tip Three: Sunny day? Big dress doesn’t mean big shoes. Instead, channel Kate Bosworth by opting for more subtle looks.

Tip Four: If it’s cold or wet, ankle boots provide warmth and stability.

Tip Five: Your coloured peep-toe pumps are perfect for a spring day. But remember, less is more.

Now, run along and plan your next racing-day-out by checking out the ATC’s schedules: http://www.ajc.org.au/

Then, before coordinating that fashion on the fields look, consider the weather. (Avoid asking your Iphone, Siri is a dreadful weather man.)

Happy Shoe Shopping and Horse Racing!

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